A Short Essay About Creativity

If you go on YouTube you can find a video Robert Rodriguez (Director of From Dusk Til Dawn, Sin City, etc) doing something called the 10 minute film school. Where he taught a class of aspiring filmmakers apparently everything about film in 10 minutes (he did not succeed, he taught them next to nothing about film), during the 10 minute session of rapidly skating over everything there is to film making, he said something along the lines of “People are born creative or technical, but creative people can become technical, technical people can never be creative”.

This, readers, is bullshit.

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30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 02 - The Last Movie You Watched

The Tree of Life - Such a beautiful film, it’s basically a piece of art, and it moved me.

But I regret watching it just before I went to bed because it inflamed my mind and imagination too much so I couldn’t sleep. That’s how good it is.