Cap’n Seany’s The Dark Knight Rises Review (as if anyone cares what I think)

I’ve just got back from watching it. First and foremost, I can only say, Jesus Fucking Christ it’s awesome! From the thrilling action sequences to the masterpiece of a score by Hans Zimmer to the twists and turns of the brilliantly written story, it truly is a fantastic end to The Dark Knight Trilogy. Christian Bale gives a great performance as a broken Bruce Wayne and really makes you experience the pain he goes through. Tom Hardy’s Bane is thankfully much better than the joke of a character we saw in Batman & Robin, here he is both highly intelligent and his strength does not come from Venom, but from himself.

Selina Kyle, played by Anne Hathaway, is also a refreshingly good strong female main character in an, up until now, male dominated series, and the best part about her, for me, is that the word “Catwoman” is never mentioned. Michael Caine gives a heartfelt, if short, performance of Alfred which is incredibly moving, however, I would have like to have seen more of him. Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), is his usual smart, witty self, and Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) seems to be a lot more frail than he used to be, as Murtaugh would put it, “He’s getting too old for this shit”.

I hoped John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) to have more of a ground-breaking performance, given the fact that [spoilers], but unfortunately they didn’t really blow my mind. As I stated earlier, I think the soundtrack is phenomenal, Hans Zimmer really outdid himself, and the general sound-mixing is flawless. As well as the sound, the whole film looks beautiful, with superb shots, unfortunately, I live nowhere near an IMAX so I can’t know for sure, but I assume the IMAX shots are truly stunning.

So, in summary, I think The Dark Knight Rises is absolutely amazing, but, is it as good as The Dark Knight? I don’t think so to be honest; as brilliant as it is, there’s just something about TDK that just makes it flawless, whereas TDKR doesn’t have that something. That being said I think that it is the best end, there could have been, to an amazing trilogy and every one of you needs to see it. I now look forward to the Blu-Ray release.

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In preparation for tomorrow’s The Dark Knight Rises release, I would like to share this amazing Batman scene from an episode of Shooting Stars.

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Booked tickets to see TDKR

Got the acoustic sweet spot.

So excited I feel an obligation to repress it.

Scrolling through the “film” tag of Tumblr and seeing about 80% of posts are related to Batman.



So excited I can’t even express it.