Star Wars: Episode VII

I’ve kept very quiet on here about Star Wars 7, and I haven’t really talked about it much with my friends, but now I feel comfortable with discussing this difficult subject. I adore the original, theatrical version of the original trilogy; it means so much to me as a person, as a storyteller and as a filmmaker, I have been a Star Wars fan for mostly my entire life. And because of this, I hate the re-mastered re-releases and I loathe the prequels more than I loathe the Nazi’s; as far as I’m concerned, they are a great, big, steamy turd on everything that is Star Wars.

Some people will disagree with me; if you are one of those people, stop reading now and don’t pollute my blog space with your presence.

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Continuation from first radio feature

This morning I had my first appearance as a film consultant Mornings with Katy Manning on Endeavour Radio ( As the film consultant I come on every week and review new films, promote upcoming films and express my views on film news that has caught my eye. Today I reviewed Man of Steel (7/10), talked about This Is The End and Despicable Me 2 (both of which I am looking forward to), but I also talked about the recent news that Jim Carrey has announced that he will not be supporting or promoting Kick Ass 2, of which he stars in. Allow me to give you my views for those that did not hear the show…

On Sunday (23/06/2013) Jim Carrey said the following on Twitter: “I did Kick-Ass 2 a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence. My apologies to others involve[d] with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart.”

Okay, I will address Mr Carrey in a bit, but now I want to explain something that I don’t think is getting through to some people. Film violence is not real violence. It is fiction, fantasy, escapism, bullshit of the highest order. It is not real. Nor does it reflect or encourage real violence; people still have this attitude towards violent films, and indeed video games, that they encourage violence in people and, in particular, children. Well guess what, no-one is forcing you to watch the complete works of Quentin Tarantino; there is no law which states that children must watch Die Hard every day after school. If you do not like it, do not watch it.

You cannot expect to censor art, because then you are entering the realms of fascism. And parents: age restrictions are there for a reason, it is so you will know that Call of Duty might not be suitable for your 12 year old son. Ladies and gentlemen, humans are gifted with a little thing called common sense; please, for the love of science, start using it.

The Sandy Hook shooting was terrible, but Adam Lanza was insane, his mind did not work in the same way our minds work. He did not get brainwashed by violent films or video games, his insanity was much deeper than that. So when people blame these horrific acts on films that I love, I get pissed off; because I have never watched a violent film and thought “Hey, that’s a good idea, I might do that”, and neither, I’m sure, have you.

Now, personally I found Kick Ass a little bit overrated, it was good, but it was spoiled by hype. However, it is silly violence, it is violence that is genuinely supposed to be funny in its ridiculousness. So for Jim Carrey to distance himself from the film because of a shooting that happened 6 months a go is a bit weird. I acknowledge that he is perfectly entitled to do that unless his contract says otherwise, but if he does not want to be apart of the film any longer I suggest he donates every cent of his Kick Ass 2 earnings to support the families who were affected by the shootings. And I mean every single cent.

Jim, I admire, respect and love your work (ignoring Mr Popper’s Penguins), and I would love to work with you one day; but you cannot, in all good conscience condemn a movie you star in and keep the money you made from it.

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Endeavour Radio

I’m making my first radio appearance tomorrow after 11am.

I’ll be talking about films of which are out or coming out and presenting my views on film news that caught my eye.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, be sure to listen.

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He returns!!1!one!

Yeah, so I haven’t posted in quite some time. I stopped doing the Bible stuff because a) I got bored (seriously Christians, the Bible is dull as fuck) and b) well there doesn’t need a b) because a) was so great.

So, I finished Uni and all of that bollocks and now I’m back in the shithole (Boston) looking for work with my worthless film degree (of which I receive my final grade in a few hours).

On Wednesday I will start appearing as a film guide on a radio show on Endeavour Radio, where I shall be saying how much I like/am excited by a film or ranting about shitty films.

For now, that is all.

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The Revelation of Tim Richardson needs money


I have begun principal photography on my film “The Revelation of Tim Richardson” and so far I have had to use my own money. However, I am rapidly running low on cash. Please take a look at the link and decide whether or not my film is worth donating to.

Personally, I think it is, but then I would say that wouldn’t I.

The Revelation of Tim Richardson needs money

I have begun principal photography on my film “The Revelation of Tim Richardson” and so far I have had to use my own money. However, I am rapidly running low on cash. Please take a look at the link and decide whether or not my film is worth donating to.

Personally, I think it is, but then I would say that wouldn’t I.

The very first trailer for my feature film debut - The Revelation of Tim Richardson.

God gives a speech to those left behind after the rapture.

Shooting Day 2

Today was another good day of shooting; we only did one scene, the scene when Tim gets to work. We could only shoot one of the bit parts because we could only get one actor to do it, we shall find a couple of people to do the other two and do those parts later on.

Josh was very good again, and this time he had time to read the script and learn his lines beforehand. Karl Brown, who plays Damien, was also very good, excellent for the part. We are cutting the scenes we did this weekend on Tuesday.

Some stills of the day.

Karl Brown (Damien)

Josh Wood (Tim) and myself (nearly everything)

Josh and Karl

Josh preparing for a take.

Finally a win

Okay, last night (1 March) we were hit with a blow. I went for a night out, 10 minutes beforehand I got an email from our lead actor (lead again) saying he can’t do it. So I spent at least 2 hours at Mukky Duck calling Georgi, trying to sort it out. I knew one thing, there’s no way in hell I was going to call another weekend off.

Fortunately, my good friend, Josh Wood, revealed to me in the night that he used to act in stage plays and that he would do it if we can’t find anyone. At first I was a bit wary, but Georgi and I decided to take the plunge and let him do it. And to my surprise (and he won’t mind me saying that), he was very good, he turned out to be great for the role, and even though he didn’t see the script until this morning, he learned and memorized the lines and delivered them exactly how I wanted.

So we have a new Tim, and he is brilliant. The best thing is, he’s my mate so he’s not going to let us down. Today (2 March), we did 2 and a half scenes, and nothing went wrong. It was the first time that the first day of shooting wasn’t stressful at all, and it didn’t take long either.

Tomorrow we shoot another scene, and I am feeling very good about it. But for now, here are some production stills from today.

imageJosh Wood and Liam Harkins (Tim and Pete respectively) rehearsing their lines.

imageJosh and Liam rehearsing.

First day of shooting - Take 2

Tomorrow (2nd March) is a retry of the first day of shooting. We have recast Tim, which is great, the equipment is here, everyone’s ready. I just hope it works out well. And on Sunday (3rd March) we are shooting another scene in Tim’s office of his bank, we have cast 2 of the 3 minor roles, still trying to get the 3rd, hopefully that will work out. But the office is amazing, it is a meeting room in the Octagon Building of the University which we have booked out for Sunday and because it has partitions, we can use it as God’s office too if we wanted.

Also, this week I have had a meeting with a man from Stafford Borough Council about using the market place to shoot 2 crucial scenes, a meeting with a woman from the Shire Hall Art Gallery about using the front of the building for the same scenes (the gallery is in the market place), and today I have had a meeting with another woman at the Staffordshire County Council Building about using one of the rooms there. The room is even better than what I was looking for, it is basically a meeting room for Councillors, it looks like a cabinet room at Parliament. Perfect.

Town Hall Ext.


I did not think to take a photo of the Int. room. Anyway, we just need to lock some dates in for it and we are good to go on this front, but until Monday, my sole concern is getting the weekend shoot done.

As of 17:00 on Friday 1st March, things are finally looking up. I hope they stay that way.